Own the Overpath!!


The first Own the Overpath event is Saturday March 24th 8:30am-12:00pm.  Come work with the student leaders of Lauderhill as they begin a cleanup of the Overpath area.  Learn about their agenda for change as they work to build a healthier community.  Help identify opportunities for improvement and see the vision for the future.  Own the Overpath is bringing positive energy and change to the neighborhood.  Contact Jocelyn Boyd at jboyd@ymcabroward.org to get involved in this great event.  Live Well Lauderhill!!

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  1. The residents artists at LAC, Lauderhill Arts Center, are proud of these wonderful kids and support them in this effort to make the community a better place to living. Congratulations!!!!!!

  2. You are an amazing group of students. The impact have on your community is a model for other students around the country!!! Nova Southeastern University Master of Public Health Program is very proud to support your efforts.

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