Mayor Kaplan and Vice Mayor Meet with Live Well Lauderhill Students


Happy Friday everyone! This past Wednesday Mayor Kaplan and Vice Mayor Benson met with a group of Live Well Lauderhill students to discuss the Own the Overpath greenspace construction. They were also joined by Lauderhill Department of Environmental and Engineering Services (DEES) Director, Charlie Cuyler and DEES City Engineer Martin Cala.

Mayor Kaplan, Martin, and Charlie reviewed the blueprints with the students. Charlie and Martin discussed why certain landscaping, street lamps, and sidewalk design was chosen. The city really took to heart the safety concerns that the students outlined in their Community Action Plan. All elements of the new construction were chosen to enhance the safety of the Overpath.

Vice Mayor Benson closed out the meeting with a heartfelt congratulation to the students for this major accomplishment. He also drove home the message of the power of youth civic engagement and challenged the students to continue their efforts by educating their friends and communities. Immediately after the meeting the students were beaming with excitement and began sharing the news with their teachers and peers!

Construction will begin in late November to early December and should take several months to complete. Live Well Lauderhill is one of the most positive examples of community action that leads to impactful and meaningful change. There are still many items that the students outlined in their Community Action Plan that need to move forward. But with this success and model for change we will be able to work together to strengthen our community!

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