Own the Overpath Groundbreaking!


Yesterday, Live Well Lauderhill, Mayor Kaplan, Vice Mayor Benson, Lauderhill city officials, parents, the YMCA, Florida Department of Transportation, and many other community partners gathered to celebrate the groundbreaking of the 19th Street Overpath construction.

Mayor Kaplan kicked off the event talking about the process that the city of Lauderhill in collaboration with Live Well Lauderhill has undergone to make this meaningful change in the community. Vice Mayor Benson touched us with his inspiring message to the students to continue their work as community advocates.
Overpath Leader, Kervens Jean-Louis shared his story and why Own the Overpath will bring long lasting community change to Lauderhill.

The consistent message throughout the event from the Lauderhill City Leaders, YMCA CEO Sheryl Woods, and YMCA Board Chair Dick Blatner was that these kinds of changes to the infrastructure of a community often go through a drawn out process. But Live Well Lauderhill, and especially the student leaders, was able to bring everyone together to achieve a common goal. It is hard to believe that the community walk with Mark Fenton happened less than year ago on November 17th! Much has been accomplished this year and much more needs to get done.

Live Well Lauderhill is using the momentum of the groundbreaking to progress the other goals and objectives in the Community Action Plan.

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