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Community Healthy Living Index–Build a healthier community today!


The Community Healthy Living Index (CHLI) is a tool designed to help communities evaluate the health of their environment and make changes to create a healthier one.  Community is defined in different ways and 6 different CHLIs are available:



Afterschool Program

Early Childhood Program


Community At Large

This tool is available online and comes with an online tracking system to gauge progress.  Technical support to implement the CHLI anywhere in Broward County is available from the Pioneering Healthy Communities leadership team.  We will facilitate the CHLI in two 2 hours sessions with your community group.  Contact Andi Crawford at for more details and get started on creating a healthier community!


Save the Date!


The Live Well Lauderhill Student Leader Art Exhibit will open on Thursday January 19th at the Lauderhill Art Center.  Students have been working with the Lauderhill Community Y staff team and professional artists from the Lauderhill Art Center to prepare their exhibit, which is a collection of photos, artworks, and writings created around the Live Well Lauderhill Community Tour.  Light refreshments will be served and student leader artists will introduce their work and answer questions.  Look for more details soon.  Many thanks to the professional artists at the Lauderhill Art Center for their support of this work!

Scenes from the Live Well Lauderhill Tour


Live Well Lauderhill Community Tour


We had an amazing time on the Live Well Lauderhill Community Tour.  We welcomed national healthy communities expert Mark Fenton to Lauderhill and he along with our team of student leaders conducted a fantastic tour of the area surrounding Lauderhill Middle School. 

The learning framework for the tour was arranged into three pillars:

1) Empathy–understanding the experience of others

2) Equity–the opportunity for each to reach their full potential

3) Learning in Public–the understanding that our experience will be enhanced when we open ourselves up to learning from others, both traditional and non-traditional teachers.  In this work we are all students and educators. 

The tour schedule was created by the community leadership team and began with a walk from the school over the “overpath” which connects the communities east and west of the Florida Turnpike in Lauderhill. 

The “overpath” has been identified by the students as a dangerous place for them to cross by themselves and a barrier to them fully accessing the afterschool programs offered because to do so means they would have to cross back over the bridge in the dark.  In the interest of empathy, the group walked with the students over the overpath to reach the west side. 

We were then able to visit the Lauderhill Community Revitalization Area and the new Lauderhill Art Center.  We had lunch at the Art Center and heard from the student panel about their hopes and challenges in the community.  The community leadership was absolutely impressed by the thoughtful, passionate answers from the students. 

County Commissioner Dale Holness joined us for lunch and shared all of the investments that are being made in central Broward County to create healthy communities.  He encouraged the student team to continue their work and share with leaders their dreams for their community. 

Following the lunch tour we toured by bus around the Renaissance (CRA) area of Lauderhill to tour the linear parks and complete street improvements that have been made.  We then toured both the Lauderhill Bus Transit Station and walked from their to the Broward Central Regional Park where we had a great tour of the facilities and grounds. 

The students are working on a “PhotoVoice” project from the tour and will have an art exhibit on display which will open on January 12th at the Lauderhill Art Center.  The students also were interviewed on the tour by CBS Neighbors for Neighbors.  Video and Photos will be posted soon!

Live Well Lauderhill Community Tour




You are Invited!


Join the YMCA of Broward County for a

Walking Tour of the City of Lauderhill

with Mark Fenton

National Advocate for Active Community Design

on November 18, 2011


To kick off “Live Well Lauderhill,” a program developed by the “Pioneering Healthy Community” Team for the City of Lauderhill, YMCA of Broward County is conducting an exciting, interactive Walking Tour of the city, led by Mark Fenton, an advocate for healthy lifestyles and active community design.


Please join us!


Please register for the tour by emailing Andi Crawford at



Fact Sheet


About The Walking Tour

YMCA of Broward County has scheduled a Walking Tour of the City ofLauderhill, led by Mark Fenton, a national advocate for healthy lifestyles and active community design, on November 18, 2011. This Walking Tour is the kickoff of “Live Well Lauderhill,” a program developed by the “Pioneering Healthy Communities” Team for the City ofLauderhill.


The Walking Tour begins at 10:00 AM at LauderhillMiddle School, 1901 NW 49th Ave inLauderhill. More than 50Lauderhill community leaders from business, education, healthcare, government, law enforcement, and the media will tour locations inLauderhill to further understand how the built environment of a community affects individual choices for healthy behaviors. 


The Walking Tour includes lunch and is expected to end at 4pm. A detailed Walking Tour Schedule follows this Fact Sheet.


About Mark Fenton

Mark Fenton is a national public health, planning and transportation consultant who is an advocate for building communities that support a healthier, more physically active population and more sustainable and enjoyable lifestyles. Based inScituateMassachusetts, Fenton’s mandate is “Engineering Physical Activity Back into American Communities and Lives.”  He is an enigmatic speaker and facilitator of fitness walks and “walking audits” of communities to build awareness and impetus for positive change.


About Pioneering Healthy Communities

In January of this year, the Y of Broward County was selected to lead change in communities through “Pioneering Healthy Communities,” a national initiative sponsored by the YUSA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This initiative focuses on making policy and environmental changes that support healthy lifestyles in communities across theUS. Through grants awarded by the CDC, a total of 26 YMCA communities were chosen to begin the process of convening local teams of community leaders, and expand projects to reach the most vulnerable populations in their communities.


About the Broward Pioneering Healthy Communities Team

YMCA of Broward County subsequently assembled a group of local leaders from multiple sectors to form the “Pioneering Healthy Community” Team.  In July, the several members of the team traveled toWashington,DCto meet with national leaders in the areas of healthy environments, active transportation, food security and healthful food access.  TheWashingtontrip gave the “Pioneering Healthy Communities” Team key information which will help form community action plans with local leaders.


About Live Well Lauderhill

Following the DC trip in July, the Team decided to focus on the City ofLauderhillas the first community of interest to utilize the process and tools available to create opportunities to improve the health of the community. Lauderhillleaders and residents selected the name “Live Well Lauderhill” to describe the initiative.  The goal is to capitalize on the existing momentum inLauderhillthat has already begun making exciting improvements to the city’s environment. 


This Walking Tour with Mark Fenton is the official kickoff of “Live Well Lauderhill.”  It is intended to bring community leaders together to understand and promote both small and large changes necessary to sustain a healthier community.


About Student Participation in the Walking Tour and Live Well Lauderhill

The Walking Tour will includeLauderhillstudents acting as hosts and photojournalists to provide a personal perspective.  Following the tour, these students will create an exhibit describing their experience asLauderhillresidents and future leaders, as well as their reflections on the potential impact of the “Live Well Lauderhill” initiative.  This exhibit will be displayed at theLauderhillArtCenterDecember 17, 2011 through January 2, 2012 before moving toLauderhillCity Hallfor display. 


About the YMCA of Broward County’s Commitment to Pioneering Healthy Communities

The YMCA of Broward County is passionate about the objectives they can accomplish with this program.


“This project is a long-term commitment to convene a broad-based coalition to improve the health ofBrowardCountyby looking at the systems, policies, and environmental factors that impact individual choices,” stated Sheryl Woods, President and CEO of the Y of Broward County.  “We look forward to working with the entire community ofLauderhillto further accelerate these exciting projects that have begun to make significant changes in the health of the community.”


Lauderhill Community Walking Tour Schedule


Lead by Mark Fenton, National Advocate for Active Community Design


Friday November 18, 2011 10:00 am – 4:00 pm


Meet at Lauderhill Middle School
1901 NW 49th Ave, Lauderhill, FL


10:00am      Community Group assembles at Lauderhill Y insideLauderhillMiddle School for introductions and warm up

10:30am      Walk from school across “Overpass” with students narrating the experience and commentary from Mark Fenton

11:15am        Evaluate56th Ave Revitalization Project with discussion about complete streets and examples

11:45am      Board bus on56th Ave for tour of “Renaissance”/ “Deep Side” – Area West of Turnpike Revitalization Projects

12:30pm      Lunch atLauderhillArtCenter inRenaissancePlaza

1:30pm          TourCentralBrowardRegionalPark

2:30pm        Tour Bus Transit Station  

3:30pm        Return toLauderhillMiddle School for Mark Fenton wrap-up final thoughts/discussion

3:45pm          Group Pictures and Dismiss


Please register for the tour by emailing Andi Crawford at

Please wear comfortable clothing and walking shoes.  Water and lunch will be provided.